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December 2008

Happy New Year!

I am excited as 2008 closes and I see 2009 approaching. As I write this post, my extended family have already rung in the new year on the other side of the world. I see the 2009 as the year of Hope and Change. Not only for me but also the entire world. We have [...]

The Secret behind New Year Resolutions

Christmas is over, the presents are opened and some returned or exchanged (maybe) and plans are starting to firm up for the new year. The topic in every medium whether it be TV, radio or the Internet is about the year that went by and the year that is coming up. What have we achieved [...]

I still want a present!

I love presents! I am sure most people in the world love getting presents, can’t think of anyone who does not. The present frenzy gets to the maximum right around Christmas time. Before the Halloween decorations are off the shelf and the Thanksgiving are on the shelf there is a hint of Christmas. It probably [...]

Merry Christmas Detroit!

After a trying couple of months, everything finally fell into place. Even though Congress was hell bent on making sure the auto bailout did not go through, the Midwesterners persevered. Everyone was encouraged to email their senators and appeal to the President. There were emails going out directly to the President asking him to make [...]

A Powerful Duty

For the first time as a citizen of the United States I was called upon to do my civic duty – serve on a jury. Interesting to note that most people do not like to serve on a jury and will make up excuses. Having never served on one before, I was curious. The wait [...]