Do you know how to build a car?

Do you know how to build a car? I don’t think so. So why don’t you leave that to the experts in Detroit. They have been doing it for a 100 years.

I never realized how passionate I would be about the auto industry until I saw the reaction of the rest of the country and the Congress. As we watched the congressional hearings I cringed in embarrassment as the senators lashed out at the Big 3 CEO’s. I could feel the humiliation of every auto industry worker when the CEO’s were referred to as beggars with tin cups arriving in personal jets. That was dumb – it did not really help their case.

However does anyone know how to build a car? Before that, I would like to ask – how many of those senators and congressmen drive American cars? Did you notice that while Obama’s entourage was driving American, Senator McCain was driving a Toyota? All those senators who lashed out at the Big 3 were from southern states where Toyota and Honda have their plants. Everyone seems to be gung ho on allowing the Big 3 to go bankrupt.

Wake up people! You have already allowed all your manufacturing to be done by China or outside the US. Are you willing to become an impotent nation that has no manufacturing of their own? Have you forgotten or did you never learn of the industrial revolution and the role of Henry Ford in being instrumental in making this nation as a developed nation?

Now I am not saying that everything what they have done so far is right and there are definitely changes that need to be made – but in this present economy when the whole world’s fate is dependent on how the US handles it – don’t you think that we should be patriotic and support one our own so that we can come back as a leader?

Nobody seemed to have any trouble when the big banks failed and the government shoved billions of dollars down their throat, whether they wanted it or not. Hmm, maybe the senators didn’t want their stocks to lose any value or being greedy is okay as long as it does not affect my portfolio. Hypocrisy at its ultimate, don’t you think?

One Response to “Do you know how to build a car?”

  1. Manoj says:

    That is asking too much from a bunch of idiots. I hope they atleast know how to drive a car.