Merry Christmas Detroit!

After a trying couple of months, everything finally fell into place. Even though Congress was hell bent on making sure the auto bailout did not go through, the Midwesterners persevered. Everyone was encouraged to email their senators and appeal to the President. There were emails going out directly to the President asking him to make it all better – after all he has the power.

It was the talk of the town – be it a home, an office, school or business. What kind of a Christmas will Detroit have? Will Bush sign and save the auto industry?

Yes he did. Mr.President did sign and awarded 17.4 billion to the auto industry. We would like to think that it was the power of the people that made it happen. Or maybe it would be his most significant decision before he left office. Something people would remember him for, in spite of all the other problems we had to face while he was in office. Whatever be the motive – Thank you Mr. President.

Change is inevitable. This was a major reality check for the whole country. Now it is up to Detroit to take what was handed out and make something better out of it. Be competitive, make better quality cars, be proud of what you make and let it show – after all we have been in the business for almost a 100 years.

Merry Christmas Detroit!

One Response to “Merry Christmas Detroit!”

  1. Gypsy Girl says:

    Merry Christmas from us too!!! Yup! Me thinks that Dubya atleast hopes that you’ll remember him for this instead of his zillion faux pas in two terms of presidency.