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January 2009

Negotaiting with your teen

I consider myself a good teacher. I pick up on the subtleties and am able to read the emotions in the children’s faces. I can even reason with them so that they see a different point of view. But have you heard of ‘being so close that you cannot see the forest for the trees”? [...]

My present please!

I think it must be in the genes – I don’t know of any other family that come up with some real classic explanations/reasoning/logic. Both my son and nephew have come up with some amazing logic – you wonder where they get it from. (*cough cough – it must be from my side of the [...]

Thank you Pandora!

Can you imagine what would be the state of this world if Pandora had never been inquisitive enough and opened that box??? No matter – it is interesting to see how people react when the going gets tough. I got laid off in November – I was not surprised but it definitely was a jolt [...]

Full circle

I have to keep asking myself to make sure I don’t lose my focus – why am I doing this? When I first started blogging it was to get words on paper. Then I started thinking about making it a regular feature so that people could read. Not knowing anything about the web, I joined [...]

3 ways to keep upbeat

Optimists – start your engines. President Obama was right. It is going to get worse before it gets better. 2009 started off with the worst unemployment numbers. Then some brick and mortar companies like Microsoft, Citibank, Caterpillar and Harley Davidson started announcing layoffs of thousands. In an economy like this how do you keep your [...]