Full circle

I have to keep asking myself to make sure I don’t lose my focus – why am I doing this? When I first started blogging it was to get words on paper. Then I started thinking about making it a regular feature so that people could read. Not knowing anything about the web, I joined a course that walks me through the process. Reading other people’s comments made me realize how much there is to learn.

Once I started on that route, it was about how do you create a viable business and what all are you willing to do about it. You have to come up with a plan and a goal and work towards it. Therein lies the key. You have to decide what you want. Does anyone know how hard that is? Knowing what you want, I mean. Sure you want money, fame, glory – who doesn’t?

So I thought about it – read up all the literature I could find- and guess what – my mother was right – there is no substitute to hard work. (I knew that already but still) You want to be good – you better have something to show. When you look up how many people actually make a living by blogging full time – not very many. Those who do have been at it for a while.

So I finally came back and asked myself – why am I in this? To write. What do I want to accomplish – write and hopefully there will be those who read it. Now if I write and people read it and I get paid for it – in the voice of Eliza Dolittle – wouldn’t it be Loverly?

I looked back at my goals for the year and realized I am short on number of posts for the year. So I ask myself again

Q: Why am I doing this?
Myself: To write – now get back to writing.

2 Responses to “Full circle”

  1. Manoj says:

    Having a voice in the head helps sometimes :-) )

  2. Manoj says:

    Even if you don’t make money, you will have made a few faithful follower of your writing and some are already a big fan bordering on addiction for your posts. Historically, money has always followed good writers. You are a good writer so it is only a matter of time.