Thank you Pandora!

Can you imagine what would be the state of this world if Pandora had never been inquisitive enough and opened that box??? No matter – it is interesting to see how people react when the going gets tough.

I got laid off in November – I was not surprised but it definitely was a jolt to the system. On the other hand – those who still have their job are actually more worried because they do not know if at all they will be the next ones to go.

“Those who got laid off are so much better off, at least they have a sense of certainty”, was the comment. I guess in some ways those who got laid off are better off – we can focus on what needs to be done versus what has already happened.

I know it is not easy out there – with unemployment numbers being the highest in history (I am not too happy of being part of that statistic). However I have to say there is a sense of hope – (I should say Thank you to Pandora for making it all possible) maybe it is because of the new year, new president, new outlook and a feeling that we are all in this together.

It must be the attitude.
How else can you explain even though there is fighting in the middle east there hope for peace, even though the economy is terrible, there is hope that it will not last for long, even though the banks are in terrible state there is hope that you will still keep your home, even though the bitter cold does not seem to let up, there is hope that the groundhog will not see his shadow and we will have an early spring.

O it most definitely is the attitude. It is hope.

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