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January 2009

Have you found your passion yet?

No, I am still looking. But I think I am on the right track. In my earlier posts I had mentioned the power of intention. One of the techniques that is mentioned about increasing the power of intention is to write down how you want your life to be. The trick is to write it [...]

I love my new name!

I have to say thanks to my fan club for suggesting this name – Gorgeous Dancing Diva – where words dance to my tune. They know me well. It seems to have captured that part of me that I did not know was visible. I love the tagline. I did modify it a little for [...]


What is in a name? After all a rose is a rose is a rose no matter what other name you call it. Even when you name a child you are told to be careful what you name it. Each name has a personality that is reflected in that child. As I am in the [...]


As Aretha Franklin belted out in her song – I got to have just a little respect… What is it about human nature that drives one to treat people without respect. It looks like if you treat me well, I treat you like dirt, however, if you treat me like dirt, I will treat you [...]

I am building it – so will they come?

Ok, so I wanted mine to look like all the other professional ones out there and did not know how. So thank you to http://www.howtomakemyblog.com/ for simple instructions for novices like me. I wanted the Feedburner stats like everyone else had so I just had to go to Feedburner and follow the instructions. Duh! I [...]