I can feel it!

I have been on this journey since November, trying to find out what I am supposed to do, what is my purpose.

It has not been easy at the same time it is liberating. I have the feeling that I am almost there. I have the feeling that whatever it is I have to go through, and me and only me will have to go through it. It will be tough but at the end of it, it will be worth the effort and from then on you can only go forward. Have you ever felt that way? Or maybe it is just the excitement of meeting family that is making me feel that way?

I can still remember the metallic taste of fear in my mouth, the churning of my stomach, the anxiety, every time I had to make a decision before. But now, in spite of the bad economy, the feeling is very strong, that whatever I am doing now is the right decision.

I am looking forward to a new environment for the next few weeks. A well deserved shot in the arm of optimism, hope and faith that will bring me back motivated to jump into the fray with both feet.

I can recognize the signs. More on the signs later.

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