Looking forward

You know how you feel when you are on vacation? Even though you may be leaving only next week your mind is already on vacation. You can’t help but feel upbeat about everything in life – why? – because you are going on vacation.

Interesting pattern because if I was not going on vacation and had to face the day I had today – I would be a. very ticked b. exhausted and c. wondering – why me? Instead I was a. optimistic b. cheerful and c. impressed that everything got done.

Now if that was an attitude all the time – can you imagine how much stuff would get done? Actually – that is how I am most of the time – it is the others who have issues – hee hee hee. No, really – but when you look at it – it is all about how you look at it and what do you need to do to fix it.

I never thought people are genuinely nice – but I actually heard people ask on two separate conversations – ‘What can I do to help?” Now how often have you heard that? Me? not often enough, I guess other wise this would not be so much of a surprise.

Have you ever noticed how exhausted you get when you are angry or upset. An unhappy reaction is very exhausting – you get tired very quickly.

But I had to say I was impressed. Stuff that had to get done, got done and now I can spend the time doing all the other things I need to cause I have so much energy left.

Now if I could only figure out what to do to make everyone else look at life that way.

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