Its all in the Mind!

In these tough economic times you have to find creative ways to survive. There is no doubt that times are the worst since the recession, and in case you are not convinced, just take a look around you. You will find enough information on the TV, radio, news, magazines or the web that will confirm it.

However, there is that element of hope that says this too shall pass. And you have to know that it is a question of perception. There is a definite difference between the following: a) putting your head in the sand and being in complete denial b)accepting that times are tough and doing your best to conserve and be careful spending while at the same time being miserable about it and c)taking it all in stride and doing your best while keeping your outlook positive.

It is all in the mind – cause you are afraid that your child will ask if they are poor because they had to cut down on spending.

It is all in the mind – cause your child is wondering if their friend is rich even though only one parent is working but they never seem to talk or want for money.

It is all in the mind – when you create an environment of scarcity because you talk of lack of money because you are afraid.

It is all in the mind – when you think about this being a temporary place, as a stepping stone for something better.

It is all in the mind – when you see yourself in a position of prosperity.

It is all in the mind – and it happens for real because you wanted it to happen.

One Response to “Its all in the Mind!”

  1. Gypsy Girl says:

    i like! its tough to explain things to kids.