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March 2009

So many dreams, So little time!

How do you handle achieving so much when there is so much to achieve? For the longest time I thought that dreaming was what you did when you did not want to deal with real life. You know, in school or college when the teacher is boring – o the things you could do. Have [...]

Power of Desire

It is said that if you truly and wholeheartedly desire something, nothing and no one can come in the way of it – not even the Universe. Why is that? It is the power of the mind. Even though we are only using 10% of our brain power – O what a power it is! [...]

Good times or Bad?

Would you consider the recession right now good times or bad? I can almost see the reactions of some people “What kind of a stupid question is that? Of course these are bad times.” I am not so sure. I would not call it bad times but in the spirit of a true optimist I [...]

Attitude of Gratitude

How do you keep your thoughts focused and positive in these troubling economic times?By having an attitude of gratitude. What does that mean? It means you look at what you have and be thankful versus looking at what you don’t have and be miserable. I got laid off but I am thankful that my husband [...]

Steeped in Spirituality

India has always been considered a nation steeped in spirituality and less materialistic whereas the United States has always been considered a nation leaning more towards materialism and less spirituality. I never thouhgt too much about it until my recent trip. Nowhere else do I know where your daily routine is assimilated into your spiritual [...]