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April 2009

You can handle it

I was watching the news (I know I should not) and thinking of how can so many things can go wrong at one time – whether it is the jobs, the economy, the house slump and now the swine flu. And at every step the President has been able to come out and say we [...]

How do you stay married for 10 years or more?

This was the question my teenager asked me over the phone. My first response was – why do you want to know? I had all sorts of scenarios going through my head. I was relieved to hear it was a part of sociology project. I told her to ask her dad. However, her question was [...]

Romance story come to life

Did you hear of the millionaire guy who was looking for a wife? His needs are very specific – she has to have brains, body and balance and has to be between 5’5 and 5’6. Now I don’t blame the guy- after all how can he distinguish whether she is after his millions or not [...]

You are as old as you feel!

Haven’t you heard of never asking the birthday person their age or never asking a woman her age? Do you wonder why? It is because most women love to keep you guessing, other than the fact that they love looking younger than their age, of course. So if you decide you want to be 25 [...]

I know you can hear me but are you listening?

How do you get across to an extremely intelligent preteen that you need to apply yourself so you can succeed in life?How do you answer them when they say that they are afraid to disappoint so they don’t even try?How does a parent explain the importance of being good as a person and as a [...]