You are as old as you feel!

Haven’t you heard of never asking the birthday person their age or never asking a woman her age? Do you wonder why? It is because most women love to keep you guessing, other than the fact that they love looking younger than their age, of course.

So if you decide you want to be 25 (like I did for a very long time) then please go ahead. Once you decide that, it is exactly how your body will start responding, like a 25 year old – no gray hairs, no aches and pains and no excess weight.

It was wonderful until the kids thought that this was just a phase and the elementary teacher had a hard time believing that her student’s mom was younger than her! so the kids decided to make sure they told everyone how old their mother was. (A very good idea if you want to truly feel your earth years.) Suddenly there was gray hairs, excess weight, and aches and pains.

So I decided that in the interest of all womankind it is imperative that I go back to being 30 for the next 30 years. Guess what happened? No aches and pains, grays all covered, lots of energy, perfect eyesight and memory like an elephant.

Hmmmm so how old are you?

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