You can handle it

I was watching the news (I know I should not) and thinking of how can so many things can go wrong at one time – whether it is the jobs, the economy, the house slump and now the swine flu. And at every step the President has been able to come out and say we are doing everything we can.

I am impressed because he is not saying that he can solve all the problems – even though that is his attempt in the long run – but the very fact that he is doing whatever he can to handle it, makes me feel better. The President is a classic example of getting a handle on it.

God gives you only what you can handle. The President can handle it, for sure. All around there is so much of gloom and doom, you do hear of the suicides here and there but for the most part – people are handling it. Taking the changes in stride and making the most of what they have and being grateful.

So every time something does not go your way – remember that God only gives you what you can handle.

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