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April 2009

What makes you tick?

I read an interesting article that talks about what makes you achieve your dreams. It boils down to two things – inspiration or desperation. Well, when you think about it – it makes complete sense. Either it has to be something that is so awesome that fires up your engine that you want to go [...]


Sometimes I am amazed at how much people give. At the same time I am appalled at how much people don’t give. It does not matter whether it is money, food, knowledge or love – when you give more, you get more. Having been brought up in a culture where a guest is supposed to [...]

These boots are made for walking

I don’t understand why we women allow ourselves to be walked over. From my experiences I have found it is not just men, other women too and kids do that. Maybe it is human nature. Every time a person seems non confrontational – it seems natural to want to dominate that person, whether it is [...]

Working out does work

I was never one in favor of working out. To me a gym was a dark, sweaty smelly place with no fresh air. The very thought of going inside on of those rooms and staring at a TV screen never did appeal to me. Well, I have to say that gyms are not dark or [...]

Interesting answers

The Miss USA pageant was held on Sunday. I am always interested to hear what the five finalists have to say when they are asked that final question. It seems to be the final straw that either makes or breaks them. I never anticipated the backlash when Ms. California replied that she did not believe [...]