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April 2009

Becoming a better blogger

I signed up for the 31 days to Become a Better Blogger. This is through www.problogger.net. It lists a new idea every day and something that you have to work on – like an assignment. It is interesting. It gives me a view of how other people are viewing their blogs. There is so much [...]

Problem Solver

I was reading an interesting article that talked about achieving your dreams. It said that the two major contributors to achieving your dream is either desperation or inspiration. I totally agree. In my case it is a little bit of both. I read an article on how people meeting their goals – by focusing at [...]

Life is fair

If you don’t have anything good to say – don’t say it.Treat others how you want to be treated.There are no bad people only bad circumstances. How many of you heard the above statements – so many times – that they are cliches?But let me tell you my friends, they have been around for so [...]

Spring is here!

How can you not love spring? It gives you a new lease on life, a feeling of starting over – whether it be planting a new garden or planning a new career move or just being able to see the grass instead of snow. It is one of my favorite seasons. I love seeing the [...]

True colors

I always look at everything at face value. Makes it much less stressful trying to work out the mind games and hidden agendas. However, it was interesting to see how people react when you tell them that not everything is hunky dory. America is a rich country. So much so that you cannot afford to [...]