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May 2009

Injuries – the bane for runners

Little did I know that a little discomfort to my ankle would cause so much pain. Being a dancer and training for the half marathon it is imperative that your legs especially your joints are well looked after. Maybe it was an old injury or maybe it was just stress – when my ankle started [...]

The Art of Saying No

Have you noticed that saying NO is probably one of the most difficult words to say. Surprising, considering the first word that most 2 year olds thrive on is the word – you guessed it – NO. So why then is it so hard for an adult, who is probably extremely busy and has enough [...]


It must be a control thing. Asking for permission and granting it. I know as a child you have to ask permission for everything. Not that you will be granted permission but it is good manners to ask. As you grow older – it is almost like second nature – where you ask permission but [...]

Growing up

Age has nothing to do with wisdom. Neither does growing up. Some are late bloomers and some learn young. If you are within the norm – it is expected however if you are an outlier, you are looked upon with reverence or laughed at – it depends on who is doing the laughing or the [...]

Entreprenurial spirit

Sometimes you have to be pushed to the wall before you decide enough is enough and decide to work for yourself rather than work for someone else. Sometimes you are just born with that independent streak and sometimes it does not matter what – you will always end up working for someone else. I have [...]