Entreprenurial spirit

Sometimes you have to be pushed to the wall before you decide enough is enough and decide to work for yourself rather than work for someone else. Sometimes you are just born with that independent streak and sometimes it does not matter what – you will always end up working for someone else.

I have seen it with myself and those around me in this economy, with my parents and those in their generation and among the young generation as well. The security of a job while working for someone else includes a regular paycheck and health insurance along with 2 weeks vacation a year. But didn’t that bubble burst a few months ago when the entire economy tanked and the term job security became obsolete? So now what?

Necessity is the mother of invention. I truly believe that this recession has made entrepreneurs out of all of us. We are looking for ways to cater to a need, Obama is doing his bit by making it easier on taxes and affordable health care – right now at least, of course the banks are holding on to their money – so you are forced to do something where you don’t need the bank.

In this day and age, where the Internet has opened up to a million different avenues to meet the demand of the consumer – the opportunities are endless. What separates an entrepreneur from someone who is not is the taking of risk and the absolute faith one has in his plan. There is no fear of failure. There is no fear. Period. Of course they dream big.

And for those who will never start something on their own – I guess they won’t need to if they are needed in whatever capacity they are are in now. They are meeting some one’s demand.

Once the entrepreneur bug bites,it never really goes away.

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