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May 2009

Superwoman syndrome

Why didn’t someone tell me that I had to do it all? Is it just my expectation or what the world expects of me? As a woman you look after your children, husband, pet, house, cook and clean. You are also the Jill of all trades along with being the pillar of strength. You also [...]

Day 3 – Will you put on weight if you stop running?

It was a rest day! Not planned but it happened anyway. As a dancer, the biggest fear is putting on weight if you stop dancing. I had questions in my mind about the results of certain techniques and I asked a dear friend who explained it beautifully. Q:If you stop running will you put on [...]

What am I worth?

I am not talking in terms of money. I am talking about what value am I contributing to society. Does my word mean anything? When you are young, you are taught the basic courtesies – you know say please and thank you, if you make a promise don’t break it, if you give them your [...]

Stay courageous

I know my child is getting bullied at school. I am definitley going to throw a fit about it and make sure it is nipped in the bud. As a parent, it is hard to sit back and watch. What is even harder is knowing how he fells cause you went through the same thing [...]

Day 2

What a beautiful day! It was ideal to go cycling. The schedule said 2 miles or cross training so we ended up biking for 2 miles or more I think – we were too busy admiring all the spring gardens and flowers. Interesting discussion came up about maintaining tight abs. Crunches are supposed to be [...]