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May 2009

A Simple Courtesy

It does not take much but it makes a huge difference. There was a going away party for a 6th grader. My son decided not to go because he had another birthday to go to.Mistake number one. I went for the going away party cause I wanted to say farewell. Some kids came, some came [...]

Law of Coincidence

Is there such a thing as coincidence? Actually there is not.If you feel that way – it is actually the universe answering your question. For example – in my previous post I had written about the conversation in my mind. I have been staring at Steve Pavalina’s post for a time now that is on [...]

Training – Day 1

It was a good day to start and the weather was awesome. For a change no rain.My buddy and I were able to complete 3 miles running. I did follow the advice that said take it easy and start by stretching, walk the first five minutes and then do a slow run. Right now the [...]

Half Marathon – here we come

I have started on my new goal – training for the half marathon.I got the website, got the books, got the plan.Now to get the shoes and start pounding pavement. Well, if you wait for the shoes – the running will never happen – so the running will happen even with the old shoes. Interesting [...]

A conversation in my head

How do you know which way to go? If you are in a car and you stop – somebody behind you will honk that will force you to go in a particular direction. So how do you know if it is the right direction? Unless you already know the way – you really don’t. So, [...]