…is a virtue. A very good character to have and very hard to attain. It could be almost a requirement for business, very necessary for teachers and for the current generation.

However it can be seen as non aggressive and taken advantage of. I look at it as if it did not happen it was not meant to be. In this day and age of instant gratification – it is rare that you see that kind of patience. Most people associate it being old – it could be since it takes practise – but it does have something to do with your inner peace.

If you mind is like a drunken monkey jumping from idea to idea – you will not have the patience to see one idea come to fruition. We don’t even have the patience to cook food from scratch – we use the ready made and frozen dinners. having patience soothes agitated minds, helps business negotiations, produces delicious foods and gives a child a chance to learn.

So keep that in mind while you stand in your queue, slow cook or watch your child learn something new.

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