Time flies

When you send out a query to the universe, you can be certain you will get an answer. A few weeks ago I was thinking about my high school friends and wondered what they were up to. The reason for thinking about them was a discussion between my high schooler and definition of ‘friends’.

in high school – friends seem to define your existence. But what happens after high school has nothing to do with them. You go to college based on your interest, pursue a career based on where you want to go or what life dishes out along the way. You may or may not keep in touch with your friends. Some innocuous remark by some random person in high school is probably what fired up your passion or dimmed what what you wanted to do. Now as you look back more than 20 years since you graduated high school you wonder where you are and what have you accomplished.

How do you define success? Do big titles and lots of money define you? Or does the size of your house or number of cars define you? Or are you still the same passionate person who you were in high school? Are you still the same person who took people at face value and looked beyond their handicaps? Did you confine to the norms and do your duty? Or did you define your own path? Are you happy doing what you are doing or are you till finding out who you are?

For me success is a state of mind. Have I helped people? Yes. Am I judgemental? No.
Are you still learning? You better believe it. Does money and status define who you are? No. So are you still finding out who you are? Sometimes I know who I am and what I need to do but sometimes I have to ask that question – where am i going and what do I want from life.

So my query was answered. A couple days ago I get a note asking if I was the same person who they thought I was who graduated from high school that many years ago. As I get in touch with old friends it is going to be an interesting journey to see where they are and how they got there.

One Response to “Time flies”

  1. Ajit Keshav Nair says:

    Life is strange, yet remarkable. I believe in one thing for sure.

    When we feel for someone or something from heart, the entire cosmic power works in our favour.

    Everything becomes positive. This is the only eternal reality of life.

    As effective as your thought. It’s magic.