If I knew then what I know now

I was at a class when I heard the teacher say ‘if only I could go back into my childhood and relive it knowing what I know now, it would be so cool!’

I agree. The first thing I would tell my parents is not to compare me to anyone. (Actually I did but they never listened.) I would tell them to compare me to the me from yesterday. Am I not a better person since yesterday? I can totally see the look on their faces.

I would be the coolest person if I knew Parkinson’s law then. I knew about Peters’ Principle but I missed the one about Parkinson – you know the one that says that time and complexity expands to fill the time you have allotted to it. So if I had known about it – I could have saved myself so much misery and just finished the work – instead of worrying about it.

Which brings me to to the next one – worry does not get you anywhere. You lose sleep, some lose hair. I lose sleep, still have most of my hair – but I just thought that because the adults always worried, it was the adult thing to do.

Energy follows thought. I wish I knew that. I would have been thinking amazing things. Actually I did, I just did not know it.

I am sure if my mother saw this right now she would say – ‘Isn’t that what I have been telling you all these years? Why didn’t you listen?’

I thought I did mom, but I can hear you now.

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