George Bernard Shaw was right when he said “It’s all that the young can do for the old, to shock them and keep them up to date.”

It suddenly hit me as we go graduation party hopping that I am going to be short one teenager next year. Which means my younger one will have to figure things out on his own. I don’t think that hit any of us until today.

Poor guy! I am not sure how much facebook and phones are going to help, but from what I have seen – not a whole lot. This was a one year notice into how things are going to be – we have to plan accordingly. I had to ask my high schooler to give me tips on what to do to survive. She was giving me tips. She may have to write a book on how her brother has to survive high school.

I don’t know how parents with more than 2 children handle it. Every time I miss a date or deadline because of an overwhelming schedule, I feel guilty and miserable thinking I failed them. I wonder how the parents with 4 and 5 kids manage. They must be extremely organized and have lots of help.

I wait to hear from the kids on all the things that go on – the new technology and gadgets that most teenagers cannot seem to live without. I do rely on them t keep me informed. As far as shocking me – I think every generation just gets worse. It is a question of what you will put up with and what rules you have. And no matter how much they whine , kids love rules.

So as far as surviving high school – how do you do it – plan and execute with extreme care. I wish all of us the very best.

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