Finding a job in this economy

Let me tell you that finding a job in this economy is not easy. Having been a victim of layoff, it puts a tremendous pressure on you and it does not help that you feel miserable too. Most people will have a ‘Why me?’ attitude. Honestly I was more relieved than anything. I was getting to the point of burn out and this was my out.

But then finding another job was not easy. I never realized the social stigma it carried – especially for men. I guess their identity is related to their jobs. I know of guys who stopped socializing because they did not want to admit that they were laid off. But in Motown, this is more of a norm than an exception – the lay off, that is.

So while looking for that other job – the traditional method does not help since it is overflowing. You look for a job in the paper and send in your resume – there are 1000 applicants for 3 positions. Why? because there are many over qualified people. The last job fair they had for engineers had people standing in line for more than 6 hours and they still did not get to speak to a recruiter. So what do you do?

1. Apply for unemployment
2. Talk to you everyone you know
3. Network in your professional organizations
4. Keep checking
5. Have faith

1. First things first – if you have been laid off – go apply for unemployment. At least use whatever government sustenance that is being provided until you find something. That is the advantage you have in this country – the government will help you out.

2. Talk to friends, colleagues, your doctor, dentist, teacher, neighbour, your spouse, your children’s friends parents, your family in other states. You never know what you may find. Of course moving to another state is hard, but if you find a job there – isn’t it better than not working?

3. If you are part of a professional organization, make sure you network. Go to the meetings and the social events. You may never know who you meet or what you find that may catch your attention.

4. Don’t just ask once and forget about it. Call back, bug your friends, check the unemployment job bank, look at postings. If one company said no openings now, that does not mean that it is never an issue. Things change, budgets get approved, work needs to get done so they need people. Keep calling back – you may never know when the time is right.

5. Have faith. Keep thinking positive, after all if you keep trying you have to succeed at some point. Your timeline may be different from the universe but you just have to keep doing. This too shall pass.

Keep looking cause that job is out there.

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