Peer Pressure

I am sure you remember how hard it was to go against the peer pressure. You always went with what your friends thought of you. I would say now that you are older and wiser that it does not matter any more. But the reality is that before you were young and foolish and now you are old and more foolish.

It does not matter – you are an adult and now it is the keeping up with the Joneses mentality. This is evident especially when the newspaper articles are all about learning to cope in this tight economy. The articles in the newspaper are telling people in bold letters to go apply for unemployment. Stop trying to be brave and get the support while you support the family.

The articles are reiterating that there is nothing wrong with reducing your Starbucks and getting coffee from home, bring your lunch instead of buying lunch, and cutting cable so that you can feed your family. There is nothing wrong with teaching your kids the value of money, there is nothing wrong with standing up to your friends and telling them you would rather go home and eat than go out and eat.

I guess if adults are finding it hard, how do you expect the kids to learn from it. After all they learn by example and watching you – not what you tell them. So it does not matter if you are an adult or child – have the courage of conviction to stand up to your beliefs after all character is built during adversity.

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