Happy Father’s Day!

If you ask anyone outside the United States about father’s Day – they would not have a clue. Technically there are only 6 holidays a year that everyone gets. However there are a slew of other holidays that we call Hallmark Holidays – a phrase coined so that you have an excuse to buy a greeting card from Hallmark – the greeting card company.

I never thought of the importance of having a dad, I just assumed you have to have one. After all isn’t a family a mom and a dad and kids? So every time I heard of a family that lost their dad – I felt sad for them but never realized why.

Now as I look back I see who I am and how I approach life is based on the interactions and conversations with my Dad. Honesty, integrity and courage of conviction is an integral part of every decision he takes. And always keep your promises otherwise don’t make them. When I make decisions I try to use the same approach.

For every girl, her Dad is her hero. At that age everything looks so big – so many things to learn – swimming, riding a bike, playing soccer, basketball, cricket, climbing a tree or building a tree house – he was there. Not to forget the intellectual side of things – reading, writing and ‘arithmetic – he was there for that. So much to discuss at the dining table – business, politics, life – he was an integral part of that too. Talk about ideas, not people – he says even now. Time I spend with my Dad is precious – he was always busy – but he always made time. Everything that he did was adventure. I wanted to be part of that. Today he is still having his adventure and now he asks me when will I make time for him.

Dads are like the foundation, the solid rock that is there beneath your feet while you try and scale new heights. You do well and they cannot stop bragging about you, they want you to go beyond what they ever have and they will do anything to give you want you want, but you do stupid things and they will tell you how disappointed they are in you, you don’t follow instructions and they badger you until you do, you do things without telling them and they are hurt, yet they always love you for you who you are, after all you are his child.

So for all the years we had before and all the years yet to come –

Happy Father’s Day Pappa!

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