Learning from kids

Some things you learn when you grow up but sometimes you see things in kids that is so amazing you have to learn from it.

5 year old Kruthika lost her tooth and was very excited that the tooth fairy gave her a dollar. Avinaash, her 31/2 year old brother, came running to hear what the commotion was all about. When he found out that his sister got a dollar he wanted to know where his was. “Sorry”, said his dad, “you have to wait until you lose a tooth.”

“That’s OK, when I lose my tooth I will get a hundred million dollars.” Hearing that Kruthika asked,”So what about me?” “You already got your dollar, but when it is my turn I will get a hundred million dollars.” Feeling totally sidelined Kruthika started crying about not getting a hundred million dollars when she loses her tooth.

So, what have I learnt from this? You have to hand it to this 3.5 year old, he has nothing in hand but he is so confident that he will get a hundred million dollars, that he made the child who had money cry. Street smarts or amazing self confidence – either way I want to hang around him. I might learn a few more things.

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