The Paranoid Optimist

Have you ever heard of the paranoid optimist? Well, if you have not – you can meet one here, namely, yours truly. Now you may ask – would that not be a pessimist?
And I would answer – no. There truly is a difference.

A pessimist is one who always sees the glass half empty. They see the misery versus the joy in everything. Where as an optimist looks at every thing in a new light. They see the glass as half full and enjoy everything they do.

So what is a paranoid optimist. Very simply – sometimes they just cannot believe that good things can happen to them. So they look at the good things that happen and wait for something or someone to say something against it while it is still new. However if that does not happen – they enjoy the moment.

Isn’t that what you should do anyway – Enjoy the moment!

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