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June 2009

Pet Peeves

I had no idea that some things bothered me. I think I am a pretty easy going person, you know go with the flow. But lately I find myself getting ticked off with people for reasons that apparently bother just me. I am sure there are others that feel the same as me but I [...]

Secret to being Successful at work

When you go to an office of high repute and you see how the people work, sometimes you say to yourself – I can do that. Then you find out what kind of qualifications and training people have and you see that they have the highest qualifications, from Ivy League schools, many certifications – but [...]

Learning from kids

Some things you learn when you grow up but sometimes you see things in kids that is so amazing you have to learn from it. 5 year old Kruthika lost her tooth and was very excited that the tooth fairy gave her a dollar. Avinaash, her 31/2 year old brother, came running to hear what [...]

Happy Father’s Day!

If you ask anyone outside the United States about father’s Day – they would not have a clue. Technically there are only 6 holidays a year that everyone gets. However there are a slew of other holidays that we call Hallmark Holidays – a phrase coined so that you have an excuse to buy a [...]

Finding a job in this economy

Let me tell you that finding a job in this economy is not easy. Having been a victim of layoff, it puts a tremendous pressure on you and it does not help that you feel miserable too. Most people will have a ‘Why me?’ attitude. Honestly I was more relieved than anything. I was getting [...]