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June 2009


George Bernard Shaw was right when he said “It’s all that the young can do for the old, to shock them and keep them up to date.” It suddenly hit me as we go graduation party hopping that I am going to be short one teenager next year. Which means my younger one will have [...]

Graduation Season

The month of June and July is extremely busy with a flurry of graduation parties. In this part of the world, the tradition is to host an open house for high school graduation. Friends drop in, say hi, give a token gift, eat food, see the pictures and go to the next grad party. Interesting [...]

Milestone 100

I had to write about it because this is my 100th post this year. Just like the press talking about the President’s one hundred days in office and kids celebrating 100 days in school – I am celebrating my 100th post this year. So what have I learnt?Write everyday, write from the heart and if [...]

Nothing is certain like death and taxes

A kind of a morbid title – I know – but that seemed apt when I saw the headline ‘Woman who escapes death on Air France flight is killed a week later’. Sad, she was killed in an automobile accident in a foreign country. It tells you that if some things are meant to happen [...]

What ever happened to world peace?

What in the world is happening to everyone? You hear about white supremacist killing because he hated the Jews and people in Australia hating the immigrants and beating them up. Why can’t people just live and let live? If you work hard, you should get rewarded. If you don’t work then don’t expect to get [...]