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June 2009

The Dreamer

We were young and spoke of dreams of far away places and big things to come We pondered and planned and never worried of how it would work Life has its way of testing our resolve with people with a shallow mind and attract our attention If we pass or fail depends on the path [...]

Making a man out of the boy

My son always wants to know when he is going to hit puberty. Being a year younger than everyone else and shorter than most puberty has yet to catch up with him. While all the other boys are growing tall – his legs are definitely getting long, because I have to get him new pants. [...]

If I knew then what I know now

I was at a class when I heard the teacher say ‘if only I could go back into my childhood and relive it knowing what I know now, it would be so cool!’ I agree. The first thing I would tell my parents is not to compare me to anyone. (Actually I did but they [...]

Watching and waiting

Sometimes it seems that GM was used to set an example for the rest of the world. Hurry up and fix your problems or we will fix it for you. The worst recession definitely did not help and every day that passed GM was getting deeper and deeper into trouble. So after a thorough tongue [...]


Isn’t it odd the things you remember? For some you remember things from the long ago that have been etched in your brain, for others the experiences from the past have been erased and you only remember the here and now and for some you only choose to remember what you want to. I fall [...]