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June 2009

Chapter 11 – it is for real

Today was a very sad day. A historic day but a sad one. General Motors officially applied for bankruptcy and has been taken off the Dow Jones for the first time in 83 years. GM just celebrated their 100th year last year. It is now Government Motors – but not for long. The only people [...]

I love my age!

I am really excited – I am going to be in a fashion show organized for charity and I know I am going to look gorgeous. Interesting this is all those participating in this feel that the moms are not good hip enough to carry it off. Sorry to blow your bubble kiddos – but [...]

Starting a new business

For someone who has always relied on a paycheck starting a new business is a major paradigm shift. Maybe it is the economic situations that give arise to these ideas, maybe it is the increase in the number of articles that talk about having your own business that has ides mushrooming in my head, or [...]


A teenager is defined as one who wants to be treated like an adult but are not expected to behave like one.When I think about it – I think it is the hardest time of life – you are constantly under pressure to do well in studies, nobody tolerates your mood swings cause your hormones [...]