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July 2009


Photo by Lighthelper Things are beginning to happen. I can sense it – the change has already started. How do I know? It could be because I have so much I want to do and I am not looking for excuses any more.  I am not afraid any more. I am looking at problems as [...]

Hello world!

Photo by aussiegall I am writing from my very own domain!!!   Of course lots of new stuff to learn too including Word Press. So stop by and let  me know what you think.


it has been an interesting weekend. Conversations with friends, opinions of people who think they know it all, reactions of those who cannot handle being the center of attention to name a few. So to put it all in perspective I pulled out this piece of writing that I had copied from a poster in [...]

Women rock!

I grew up in a patriarchal society – where the son inherits the property, where the wife goes to the husband’s house and takes the husband’s name and the children get the father’s name. But where I come from and many other parts of the world – there is a very strong matriarchal society – [...]

Parenting in this day and age

Have you been listening to the songs on the radio recently? Have you watched any of the shows on TV recently? It really is a challenge for someone who is a parent trying to raise their child on values that you grew up. We never had to worry about listening to songs that talked about [...]