Passing Judgement

Sometimes I wonder why being good takes so much effort.

It is so easy to criticize and pass judgement on others especially when we don’t have to be in their shoes. What is it about human nature that makes them want to be one up on every body else?

Look around you and take note of the conversations in your head and the comments that come out of people’s mouths. It is always about why someone is doing,saying, wearing or making a decision about some that you did not like. What is interesting is that if you were in the same shoes as the other person, you would probably make the same choices, so what’s the big deal?

Why does that happen? When people do that – they are projecting their own unhappiness to the universe. Why are people unhappy – because they want to be in a different situation and are fighting the one they are in now. So what do you do? Stop fighting the situation and go with the flow – you are much more likely to drown if you fight the current than if you go with the flow.

So how do you stop passing judgement? Understand that everyone has a purpose in this world. For each person they are where they are because of the choices they made. There is enough abundance for everyone so there is no need for you to be envious of the success of any other person. They got where they are because of their hard work. Be happy for them and good things wil happen to you too. Try it and see.

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