Endorphins make you happy

That is the truth – endorphins make you happy. But working out after almost a month sucks! Where did all those random muscles show up from – I thought I knew where everything was.

The hardest part about getting back into the running is getting back into the running. I had to drag myself and put my feet into those expensive running shoes that I am still justifying to everyone and force myself to go to the gym.

That was the hardest 30 minutes of my life – Sheesh! The weather is great but I figured running on a treadmill will at least let me keep track of the time and distance. I am supposed to be running by time now, not distance to build stamina.

You know the worst part about it – the legs start aching and protesting and just as you get into that comfortable mode – your blood vessels decide to start pumping more blood – next thing you know the hives start. I don’t know about others but those hives was my reason to not run. Wait, you have yet to hear the worst – it takes 25 minutes for those hives to show – that means your most comfortable point is after that.

OK now that the whining is over – I am happy – I have to since I exercised, which produces endorphins, which makes you happy. Anyone have a problem with that?

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