Dreams and Goals

Do you know what the difference is between a goal and a dream – a goal is a dream with a deadline.

I must be going through a slump cause this is the conversation going through my head. Picture this:
I am in the gym got my spanking new shoes on and working out the time I have to run. Imagine a devil version of me (D) on one shoulder and the angel version (A)on the other have this conversation:
D: What the heck were you thinking? what made you think that you can run?
A: Hey, you got new shoes, you want to do it, you can make it happen.
D: Yeah right! It takes you 20 minutes to get past the hive stage – dang and that is uncomfortable and then you still have to run 10 more minutes before you get to 30 minutes
A: Don’t think of all that, think of the end goal – in 3 months you will be able to run 13.1 miles because you have the stamina.
D: Ha ha ha ha. How are you going to run 13.1 miles when you cannot even get through 1 mile without feeling like your lungs are going to explode?
A: Of course you can, every time you run, you run a little more.
D: Oh yeah right – you look at the timer on the machine and try and figure out why 30 seconds takes so darn long.

By the end of that conversation – I am almost done with my workout, so the next tiem I go running, I am running outside – thank you.

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