Pounding pavement

So, I decided not to fall for that constant conversation in my head and run outside instead of indoor.

From advice given to me by seasoned runners – I should do my long distance running outside – gives you a feel for when you run the whole course. Good advice because the mind was so distracted with everything else going around you – there was no time to whine.

One of the advantages of running outside you have to keep going. Why? Because even if you decide you are tired you still have to make your way back home. Unless of course if you have someone following you in a car who can take you home or call someone to pick you up.

Another advantage – fresh air. when the weather is good, it could be a beautiful day to run. Fill up your lungs with the smell of summer – be it flowers, freshly mowed lawns or barbecue on the grill.

Some run with headphones on – I don’t think it is a good idea since you have to be alert about your surroundings. It might work in a gym where you are trying to find things to keep you going.

How far did I run – I am not sure – still have to work it out – but I ran longer than I was at the gym and was less tired – does that mean I am getting stronger – probably.

Now to figure out how to get rid of the boredom while running.

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