Parenting in this day and age

Have you been listening to the songs on the radio recently? Have you watched any of the shows on TV recently? It really is a challenge for someone who is a parent trying to raise their child on values that you grew up.

We never had to worry about listening to songs that talked about drugs, sex or alcohol. The songs we listened to were poetry from the heart and had hidden meanings that we had to figure out. What ever happened to that?

We never had to worry about shows on television that glorified drugs, sex or alcohol. Now days you can’t even hear a conversation that does not have at least a few swear words. Shows were funny and good clean fun that you could enjoy with the family. What ever happened to that?

We never had to worry about exposing our kids to inappropriate material on the Internet. Nowadays it is so easy to get access to material that is inappropriate.
We never had Internet so the rules are all different now.

Nowadays parenting is tough. Most of the parents are not even a traditional two parent family – the kids probably stay with only one parent. Society has changed. The traditional support group of grandparents or the community is harder to find. Kids grow up quicker because they have to deal with too much too soon.

They watch movies and listen to songs with subjects that we dealt with when we were adults. Definition of funny is not hilarious because of a spin of words or slapstick but different that involves a lot of cussing.

So as a parent how do I handle all this? Can I change society? No, but I can establish my own rules – respect for elders, manners and follow the rules. I don’t think you are cool if you cuss in front of me – I just think you are out of control.
Treat others how you want to be treated and then see what happens.

I wonder how things will pan out when these kids become parents? Que sera sera..what will be will be…

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