Women rock!

I grew up in a patriarchal society – where the son inherits the property, where the wife goes to the husband’s house and takes the husband’s name and the children get the father’s name.

But where I come from and many other parts of the world – there is a very strong matriarchal society – where the daughter inherits the property, the husband has to go to the wife’s house and the husband never takes the wife’s name but the children do.

Now as a mom, I think of all the things that I do and what happens if mom is not home or does not have it planned or organized it. You guessed right – nothing gets done or completed if mom is not involved.

Of course until men give birth (actually that already did happen with Thomas Beatie in Oregon but he was a woman first), women still have to go through labor physically and metaphorically. Have you noticed no matter how much the dad does, the kids still need their mom?

Moms are the ones who guide, help, cajole, threaten, bribe or force their children to do things that as moms think are good for their children. It could be reading, playing a sport, dancing, completing a project or following a routine. The children may not agree at the time but some time in the future they will look back and thank their mom.

Now all the while I was growing up I thought the man called the shots not realizing that it is the women who get the job done. So to all the girls out there – it does not matter what you plan on doing when you grow up – but as long as you have a child or children you will always be the most important person in that child’s life and will be responsible in shaping that child.

“I get all the glory,” says Leah Adler, Steven Spielberg’s mother as she walks past one of his movie posters. “I eat it up. And all I have to do is be the mother.”

2 Responses to “Women rock!”

  1. Manoj says:

    I thought the Nair community in Malayalis was a matriarchal society. But I agree, mothers and women are the ones who make the world colorful, safe, secure, emotionally charged for a fulfilled life.

  2. Word Dancer says:

    The Nair community are matriarchal. But we are not Nairs :)