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July 2009


One is told that you should not have expectations, then you won’t get disappointed.But that is a hard concept to overcome. Even as adults you expect so much because you assume other people will follow through. But how do you explain that to a child? How do you teach a child not to have expectations [...]

Pounding pavement

So, I decided not to fall for that constant conversation in my head and run outside instead of indoor. From advice given to me by seasoned runners – I should do my long distance running outside – gives you a feel for when you run the whole course. Good advice because the mind was so [...]

Bringing up Kids

It is a very scary and daunting task – bringing up children and getting them prepared to face the world fraught of all kinds of dangers, teaching them to make the right decision, learning from their mistakes. It is also the most rewarding of tasks you will ever do in your entire life or lives. [...]

To work or not to work…

I am sure there are countless mothers who go through this dilemma in their lives – do I go to work or do I stay home and raise kids? For some there is not much of a choice – you have to pay bills and put food on the table – you have to go [...]

Dreams and Goals

Do you know what the difference is between a goal and a dream – a goal is a dream with a deadline. I must be going through a slump cause this is the conversation going through my head. Picture this:I am in the gym got my spanking new shoes on and working out the time [...]