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July 2009


I watched a movie of Adam Sandler called Don’t mess with the Zohan – a stereotypical movie that literally makes the cliche’s come to life. A spoof on the life of Arab and Israelis living in America and the life of an immigrant. It was funny – to me it was – I am not [...]

Secret of taking the ACT/SAT successfully

For those not familiar with the ACT and SAT – it is the American College Test and the Scholastic Aptitude Test are the standardized tests that are taken in the United Sates by 11th graders in order to get into college. The scores on those tests are what the colleges use to sift the wheat [...]

Endorphins make you happy

That is the truth – endorphins make you happy. But working out after almost a month sucks! Where did all those random muscles show up from – I thought I knew where everything was. The hardest part about getting back into the running is getting back into the running. I had to drag myself and [...]


There is nothing wrong in believing in Happily Ever After. I am a die hard romantic. I get made fun of a lot because I believe in romance. I admit, it is my guilty pleasure – reading romance novels. But I have to defend it – it makes you look at the world in a [...]

Passing Judgement

Sometimes I wonder why being good takes so much effort. It is so easy to criticize and pass judgement on others especially when we don’t have to be in their shoes. What is it about human nature that makes them want to be one up on every body else? Look around you and take note [...]