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July 2009

Full circle

Its never complete till you come full circle. And that applies to everything. When you first learn something – it is new, then you become the expert and then you have to give back for what you learnt. One of the pledges that we learn says that service to the people is service to the [...]

Pay it forward

If you have not heard of this concept – I am sure you will soon enough. When you have a little bit of prosperity or good fortune – you make sure you share it with others who need it. I never paid much attention to it until we had the dance program this weekend. Now [...]

Quick update

Today is July 1 – officially 6 months of the year has passed and I wanted to see where I was with my goals of writing. Well, so far I have written 117 posts which leaves with another 174 to go. At this point I have yet to write more than I have already written. [...]