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August 2009

When life gives you lemons….

Image by Muffet Have you ever heard people whining and complaining about stuff that happens to them?   And then you feel sorry for them. You wonder how come they are the only ones who seem to have a hard time. And then you think of what your own life is and how you deal with [...]

You are what you need

Image by Jorge Massy In this age of constant confusion, everyone is looking for something.  They don’t know what it is but they know they don’t have it.  Actually you already know but you don’t want to accept it and you are waiting for someone else to tell you -so that you can say that [...]

Sacrifice is another name for love…

..at least in India it is.  A woman when young is identified as whose child she is, then when she gets married as whose wife she is and then when she has children by whose mother she is.  The Indian culture is old, at least 5000 years, and the rituals and customs and language and [...]

Boldly go where…

Photo by korona-pl …you have never gone before.  That is the mantra that has been in my head for the past few weeks.  The good thing about saying that over and over again – I have noticed that things are happening, stuff is falling in place and everybody is happy. Let me tell you why [...]

Growing Up

Photo by MahPadiha If anyone ever said that growing up is hard, believe them – it is true.  It is a trying time, cause you are still trying to figure out where you stand and what your strengths and weaknesses are.  Just remember nobody ever said that you stop growing after you turn 18.  In [...]