Work or Play?


Photo by heydrienne

Have you ever come to a point in life and asked yourself – What am I doing? Where am I going?  Is this what I set out to do?  Am I happy?

I have – and many a time it is not me but someone else who has pointed that out to me.  It never did strike me what a difference it made but it did.  I think I take feedback pretty well, but that only counts if you do something about it.  Sometimes life forces you to ask those questions and figure out what the heck is life all about.  I know for a fact that Motorcity, USA had a lot of people who had to think about that when they had to make a decision whether to take the package or not.

I never understood the impact of that until my Dad, who is almost 70, said he wanted to learn music.  The thing is he decided he was going to start learning music at 60, since Rabindranath Tagore, one of the famous poets, and founder of Shanthi Niketan, started learning painting at 60.  Question – So what happened that has delayed the music project for 10 years?  Answer – following his dream of  starting his own company and making it successful.

So what is wrong with that? Nothing as long as you can still take a break to do some of the other things you have on your list.  In my mind if the work that you are doing does not allow you to take a break – then it is still work.  Maybe it is a selfish view of a daughter who wants her dad to spend time on doing other stuff – but fact remains that if you do not take time out to enjoy the small things and the milestones of the people you love, you’ve missed out big time.

So what have I learned? When you come to a milestone ask yourself the question – Is this where I want to go?  Is this where I want to be? Where do I go from here?

In answering my own question – Am I going in the right direction? Yes – it is the journey and not the destination that counts.  Am I working or playing?  Mmmm both.

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