Growing Up


Photo by MahPadiha

If anyone ever said that growing up is hard, believe them – it is true.  It is a trying time, cause you are still trying to figure out where you stand and what your strengths and weaknesses are.  Just remember nobody ever said that you stop growing after you turn 18.  In fact I don’t think you ever stop.

When you are young – you hear the elders say – look at so and so, why can’t you be like her/him.  You wonder what it is about them that makes other people comment about them.  In the words of my daughter it is the stateliness or how they carry themselves and portray themselves in public.

Interesting thing is how they portray themselves has nothing to do with how they really are and that is the totally acceptable in society – how do I know?  I see it everyday.  I am sure you do too. What is frustrating is the what you see is what you get approach is deemed as the ideal while the games and hidden agendas and ulterior motive seems to be the norm. Nobody understands why anyone would want to do anything unless they are getting something out of it.  You only get respect if you are the cut throat kind eh?

I am learning that you are always growing and you figure that out by the feedback you get. Once you get the feedback you change your approach and check again. Sometimes the feedback is harsh, that means hurry up and change quickly cause you need those changes for the next set of interactions you will be having.

Whoever said growing up was easy! Sigh!

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