Boldly go where…


Photo by korona-pl

…you have never gone before.  That is the mantra that has been in my head for the past few weeks.  The good thing about saying that over and over again – I have noticed that things are happening, stuff is falling in place and everybody is happy.

Let me tell you why this is such a big deal.  When I was growing up – I thought all daughters had to get married and have kids and look after their husbands. As long as they did that, they never had to do anything else.  Well, I did get married and realized then that I am not a child anymore and the rules change when you are an adult.   Of course you can have kids, if you want to and you should look after your husband but you also had to have a job and be financially independent and suddenly my whole world was opened.  There was so much more to do and see and experience, but you still had to take care of your family. Welcome to family life.

Well, for the longest time I could never understand why things did not work out – how come everyone else was doing things they wanted to and I was not.  I was doing everything I was supposed to do, not wanted to do. The answer is  probably because I never asked for what I truly wanted. I wanted to travel, I wanted a flexible schedule and I wanted to dance and teach and write.  Well, guess what  – all of that started to happen.

The change started to happen not because I whined about it not happening, but because I truly believed that it would work out.  I stopped thinking about what would not work, started vocalizing what I wanted, started visualizing where I wanted to be and forged ahead without allowing the fear to overtake my initiative.

But most of all I wanted it bad, stopped surrounding myself with non believers and kept asking myself – So What?  So set aside your fears and shun the non-believers! And see what life has in store for you.   You just might be blown away!

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