When life gives you lemons….


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Have you ever heard people whining and complaining about stuff that happens to them?   And then you feel sorry for them. You wonder how come they are the only ones who seem to have a hard time. And then you think of what your own life is and how you deal with the issues and figure out – life is not that bad after all.

My mother always told me never tell other people all the stuff that is happening in your life, especially the things you are having a hard time with, because one it generates more of that kind of energy and two, they are happy it is you and not them.  People seem to love it when someone else is in trouble.  I have also found that people get envious when you tell them all the good stuff  that is happening in your life.  They are not going to tell you that but you can sense it.

So why do I get upset when people are mean and selfish and petty? Because I only want to see the good in people and I believe that it is circumstances that make people behave in an insecure way.  When you are exposed to the pettiness in people that is when you see their true nature.  It is the insecurities within them that bring out the worst.

So how do you deal with that?  People come in for a reason and a season.  You have millions of interactions with lots of people and in each interaction there is some lesson to be learnt. If you don’t learn it the first time, it keeps coming back until you do.  So learn the lesson the first time – if not you will just have to figure it out later.

So what do you do when life gives you lemons? You could chuck it back at it and say ‘Hey I wanted strawberries!!!’ or Lemonade anyone?

2 Responses to “When life gives you lemons….”

  1. Cross Atlantic Friend says:

    Hey Malini, I have a better idea for when life gives u lemons, but u had asked for strawberries….. Well, how about u make a strawberry-lemon sorbet. I bet it would taste great on a summer afternoon. However, on a serious note, I agree with what ur Mom says about telling other people all the stuff that is happening in your life, partially. First of all, why would u tell everything to everyone? They say that in ur entire life time, u end up meeting one or two people, with whom u can share the world and beyond. One of them is supposed to be the spouse. Well….. Secondly, I strongly feel that people who are “happy” with u r in trouble are ones with the lowest self esteem. Solution: Get rid of them and have a glass of sorbet!!

    Take care and keep writing

  2. Malini says:

    Hey Girl!
    You actually commented on my blog???? Awesome. For that alone I have to make some sorbet to celebrate. Thanks for the comment and hope you are starting to write too. So when do I see your writing? Let me know if yo need any help with stuff. BTW – like the name.