You are what you need


Image by Jorge Massy

In this age of constant confusion, everyone is looking for something.  They don’t know what it is but they know they don’t have it.  Actually you already know but you don’t want to accept it and you are waiting for someone else to tell you -so that you can say that someone told you. Does any of that make any sense?

Let me explain – the eastern philosophy follows the tradition that if you want to be a master of anything, you have to learn from a master. In the olden days – I mean thousands of years not the last century – you lived with the guru. He taught you everything – and then when he felt that you have learned everything he could teach you – the student would give him guru dakshina – or a token of appreciation for all the knowledge.

The importance to the teacher is so important that it said that if you anger God, the guru can reduce the effect of God’s anger, but if the Guru is angry, even God will not interfere. Such is the reverence paid to the guru.  However, in turn the Guru has to guide the student and push them in the direction that they need to go.  The Guru also knows when it is time to set the student free.  A true guru will also tell you that the real guru is within you.

Now that is a hard lesson – since you become attached – but therin lies the greatness of the teacher – when he truly recognizes that his student has reached the potential and will go further if he is pushed out of his comfort zone.

Sometimes you don’t have a teacher to tell you what to do – maybe it is good that way you trust your own instincts.  After all when the student is ready the teacher will come.

2 Responses to “You are what you need”

  1. Maya says:


    Life is the greatest teacher of them all.. and one of the biggest lessons life does teach you is to rely on your own instincts and follow your own intuition. Coz differentiating intuition from personal biases is a lesson in itself!

    Life is the greatest guru.. and there’s a lot of stuff that comes only with experience. In that sense the real guru is in you.

  2. Malini says:

    That my dear is the hardest lesson – to rely on your own instincts.
    And it takes a while before you figure that out too.

    Life is the greatest teacher of them all.