Image by David Masters

‘Free at last! Free at last! God Almighty we are free at last!’  I am sure most of you have heard that said in a baritone sing song voice of Dr. Martin Luther King.  That quote can be taken into context in any walk of life.  The feeling of being enslaved is something that you create in your own mind.  Slave to your own thoughts.  Victim of your own making.  Any of those sound familiar?

So why this sudden feeling of freedom? I just figured it out ( if this was a comic, I would draw a light bulb turning on), that it is how you say it in your mind that makes it happen.  I start to panic because I think I just broke some rule that nobody else but me seems to follow.  Guess what?  I get into trouble because somebody found out that I broke the rule. It seems so silly but when you keep thinking like that, that exactly is what happens.  Do you know the physical toll it takes?  You wonder why you ever get headaches and tummy aches and cannot sleep at night or you eat too much or don’t eat enough or your skin breaks out or everything hurts?

So I said – I am not going to let any of this bother me any more – just go with the flow.  So what happens now? Stuff happens and you, well, deal with it.  So what? So, things are not perfect, but when are they perfect anyway?  You can’t get the work done in 3 hours, so what? So, you take more time to finish it but you still get the job done and let people know that you are working on it.

The underlying emotion in this whole thing is fear.  When you operate from fear – nothing works. The fear is your prison.  You imagine the worst possible scenario and that is exactly what happens. The freedom from fear is exhilarating.  It gives you confidence.  Now all of a sudden all these avenues open up and BAM! you are in the center of life.  Instead of cowering behind in the shadows, you are in the limelight.

O yeah!  Life is beautiful!

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